Celebrate in Style: Why Restaurant Weddings are Trending in Toronto

First comes love, then comes… finding a wedding venue! For newly engaged couples whose big day is on the horizon, a small, intimate restaurant wedding might be just what the lovebirds ordered. Tossing aside traditional banquet halls, countryside retreats, and barnyard blowouts, many are opting to turn their celebration into an unforgettable culinary experience as restaurant weddings take the spotlight, edging out over-the-top affairs for a more private, personal party. Lucky for us, Toronto has a plethora of trendy spots that are ideal for tying the knot in style. For those who are undecided on the idea, let’s dive into the benefits of saying “I do” to a restaurant wedding with Oliver & Bonacini.

Photos by Lisa Vigliotta, Hector Vasquez, Francis Jun, and Mango Studios.

Kelsey & Todd's wedding at Auberge du Pommier in Toronto
Auberge du Pommier

Matching Your Mood

When you choose a restaurant for your wedding, you’re not just choosing a venue — you’re setting the mood for your big day and expressing your unique style. If you’re dreaming of a Latin-inspired celebration, Leña’s showstopping downtown private dining room is perfect for a family-style feast! For an escape to the south of France, a chic afternoon ceremony on the lush garden terrace at Auberge du Pommier is in order. And who can deny Canoe’s undeniable ambiance, made even more beautiful against the backdrop of both city and lake views? No matter what mood you’re looking to set, O&B’s diverse portfolio offers a restaurant setting to match your vision and reflect your personality.

Beaumont Kitchen Porcini Mushrooms Chicken
Beaumont Kitchen

The Ultimate Menu and Service

Let’s face it: decor is important, but the heart and soul of any restaurant lies in its cuisine. While you’ll have many memorable moments over the course of your big day, food is surely something attendees will remember (and talk about!). Move over, banquet-style meals… we’re treating guests to a chef-curated menu with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients alongside handcrafted cocktails and expertly paired wines. With the restaurant experience, every table gets a dose of warm O&B hospitality and attentive VIP treatment. Not only will the food elevate your wedding to a gastronomic extravaganza, but you can also return year after year for a memorable anniversary celebration.

Auberge du Pommier

Stress-free Planning and Execution

One of the most significant advantages of hosting your wedding at a restaurant is the ultimate convenience it offers. While other venues might have you scrambling to create the perfect place setting, restaurant weddings mean you don’t have to rent every single fork, glass, napkin, or chair. The makings of a beautiful backdrop are already in place (and may offer some potential budget savings). Plus, with an experienced and dedicated events team at your service, you can rest assured that any special requests will be handled impeccably. Take a few to-dos off of your list and focus on enjoying your special day… we’ll handle the cleanup!


Lucky for the Locals

If you’re getting married in the city you call home, a restaurant venue offers the ultimate convenience for local guests. Rather than booking an expensive hotel, battling weekend traffic, and potentially wrangling multi-day childcare, guests can enjoy a night on the town close to home. Many Toronto restaurants are TTC accessible, offer complimentary parking with validation, or are a quick Uber ride away, making for an easy escape and an even better excuse to party!

Maison Selby

Content, Content, Content!

In the age of Instagram-worthy weddings, a beautifully designed Toronto restaurant is a jackpot of picturesque backdrops for epic wedding photos. Whether it’s the urban industrial interior of R&D, the floor-to-ceiling views of King Street West at Luma, or the cozy charm of Maison Selby, the potential for incredible photo-ops is endless! Be sure to snap as many as you can!


Keeping It Cozy

Another advantage of a restaurant setting is the ability to create an effortlessly cozy environment where everyone feels comfortable. Toasting with full glasses, eating delicious food, and sharing stories with friends and loved ones is what great hosting is all about. By choosing a venue that can easily adapt to your guest count, you can create an atmosphere that feels just right, allowing for a more personal connection with your guests. When all is said and done, they will feel like an essential part of your special day.


As you can see, a restaurant wedding can add more than a dash of culinary flair to your big day. From the cozy ambiance to the mouthwatering cuisine, a stress-free planning process, and picture-perfect photo opportunities, hosting your wedding at a restaurant venue promises to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. So, why wait? Reach out to an event specialist at events@oliverbonacini.com or call 416-364-1211 to book your dream venue and say “I do” in style!