Classic U.K. Cooking Meets Québécois Flavour at Bar George

We celebrate the old in new ways at Bar George, a modern-day rendezvous set in the grand heritage home once belonging to Sir George Stephen. Honouring the former resident’s roots, our chefs cook up contemporary takes on classic U.K. fare, spiked with Québécois quirks, while our bar pours time-tested bevies. Our space’s beauty and history are humbling, yet we fight formality with eccentricity, welcoming the wacky and the gnarly.


Bar George
Le Mount Stephen
1440, rue Drummond
Montréal, QC H3G 1V9
(514) 669-9243

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From intimate dinners to grand celebrations, Bar George’s collection of handsomely restored private dining rooms will dazzle your guests with historic charm and rich finishes.

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