Host a Virtual Gala with O&B

It’s your time to impress

At O&B, we understand that fundraising events and galas are vital for your organization. While in-person events may be a challenge, we all need to find creative ways to get together, even if we are staying apart. We want to help you reach your fundraising goals by providing a “wow” experience for your guests. By providing an elevated dining experience and other value-adds, we can help ensure a higher ticket price to your event, to maximize your fundraising efforts.

To start planning your virtual gala, emails us at or call 416.364.1211 to speak with an Event Specialist.

What O&B Brings to the Table

We can put together a gala meal for your guests that will replicate the in-person experience. Your guests can receive a heat-and-serve meal, or a chef kit, that will allow them to cook like an O&B chef at home. Cocktail-style and reception menus are also available. Learn more about how we can name the menu after one of our unique restaurants, the delivery experience and how our team can work with you to customize your event.


Platform Partnerships

Working with our partners at Encore, we can help facilitate every aspect of your gala. Through the latest developments in virtual events, your guests can join one another at a “table” via video, or in a networking space that will allow them to connect virtually. If networking is not required, we can also simply provide a broadcast platform, so you can have live presentations or entertainment.


Virtual Stage at Arcadian

We’ve also created a virtual stage at Arcadian, located right downtown at Queen & Bay. For any of your speakers that may require a backdrop, we can offer a space for you to film, partnering with Encore event services.


Diverse Menu Offerings

From reception-style à la carte snacks and ready-to-enjoy meals, to interactive chef kits, diverse menu offerings will help you ensure that your guests are impressed by whichever option you choose.