Enjoy a Taste of Summer’s Bounty
Before It’s Too Late!

In summer, we eat the good stuff — our province’s warm weather treasures, harvested at juuuust the right time. From juicy tomatoes picked at their prime to candy-sweet strawberries and freshly husked corn (enjoyed on or off the cob), there’s nothing better than Ontario produce at its peak.

O&B chefs are all about creating seasonally inspired plates with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a full punch of flavour in each bite. If you haven’t taken advantage of what is arguably summer’s tastiest bounty, it’s not too late. We love fall flavours, but summer’s not done yet! Try one (or all) of these seasonally inspired dishes, thoughtfully made by the pros, to taste the best Ontario has to offer.

Please note that menu items listed below are subject to change.


Tomate farcie (ratatouille with a large, bright red tomato on top) on a decorative plate. Medium straight-on shot.

Maison Selby

Tomate Farcie

Based on Chef John Horne’s iconic ratatouille, which has been on the menu since opening day, Maison Selby’s tomate farcie is a popular vegetarian dish. The base is a classic ratatouille comprised of tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers and eggplant that’s been braised for hours. A beautiful vine-ripened tomato sits on top, stuffed with locally grown quinoa salad, and finished off with a walnut and tomato vinaigrette. If you’re feeling extra fancy, this one’s for you.




Ricotta & Sweet Corn Girasoli

In the mood for an indulgent pasta? These delicate, oval-shaped parcels (that get their name from the Italian word for sunflower) are generously filled with a creamy ricotta and sweet corn mixture that encapsulates the essence of summer. Paired perfectly with tender spring peas that add a pop of colour and freshness, each bite is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes. If that wasn’t enough, a velvety Parmesan foam crowns the dish.


Top-down view of Parcheggio's tomato Caprese with red and orange tomatoes, basil leaves, and cheese on a white plate.


Heirloom Tomato Caprese

Inspired by summer in Italy, this brand new dish is a showcase for tomatoes lovingly grown by Chef Navinder Saini’s friend Nancy at Tamarack Farms and Paul at Forty4 Farms in Holland Landing, Ontario. Chef wanted to do “the absolute minimum” to the juicy heirloom tomatoes, letting them speak for themselves with a bit of help from aged artisanal balsamic, local basil, pickled radicchio and Italian olive oil. Think of it as a plate of pure sunshine.

Auberge du Pommier


This carefully crafted dish features succulent B.C. king salmon complemented by vibrant notes of romesco and the briny tang of Picholine olives. As a crowning touch, tender zucchini blossoms — a summer garden staple — are delicately tempura battered and fried to complete the ensemble. Available as a tempting à la carte option or as a part of the thoughtfully curated tasting menu, this unforgettable dish showcases every elegant inch of the season’s abundant zucchini plant.

The Rabbit Hole

Strawberry Trifle

The Rabbit Hole’s timeless dessert layers velvety custard and billowy whipped cream, creating a luscious mouthful with every bite. Delivering both sweet indulgence and elegant nuance, the gentle crunch of almonds provides a delightful contrast to the delicate sponge cake and rich sherry jelly. A true ode to Mother Nature’s candy, this strawberry delight is summertime perfection, plain and simple.



Just a short time remains to get your hands on the final course of Canoe’s summer tasting menu. A deconstructed version of strawberry shortcake, tarragon gelée, silky crème fraîche mousse, and caramelized white chocolate crumble intertwine in perfect harmony. The flavour deepens as marinated fruits luxuriate in a strawberry juice reduction, while pound cake gives way to blondies infused with crystallized tarragon. Finally, cream soda sorbet, delicate sheets of strawberry paper, and an artful drizzle of strawberry reduction and tarragon oil coulis finish the dish.