There’s No Party Like a Pizza Party

In its birthplace of Italy and around the world, pizza has countless iterations and varieties — but no matter where you find it, it’s always a reliable, comforting staple made for gathering your family and friends together. Whether it’s a special indulgence for movie night, an easy family meal on a busy day or a nostalgic treat at a dinner party with friends, pizza is convenient fare offering great bang for your buck, especially if you pack up the leftovers for quick meals the next day. Here are some of the highlights from Oliver & Bonacini restaurants — now go forth and mangia!

Please note that menu items listed below are subject to change.


Bird's eye shot of Beauty Eats' Detroit-style, rectangular deep dish pizza with pepperoni. It sits on a wooden board.

Beauty Eats

Serving up classic and creative Detroit-style pizza, Beauty Eats makes the must-try pie north of the 401. Legend says Detroit’s pizza was created in 1946 when Gus Guerra, one of many Italians working in Detroit’s automobile industry, wanted to recreate the Sicilian pizza of his childhood. He grabbed one of the blue steel pans used to hold auto parts, which could withstand incredible heat, and went to town. The result: a delicious, rectangular deep dish pizza with a thick crust that was still remarkably light, crispy and chewy (unlike its heavier Chicago-style counterpart). Beauty Eats is dedicated to the proper Motor City method, baking their ’za in blue steel pans with local cheese.


Top-down, slightly angled shot of a fire-roasted pizza on a plate with a dark grey background. The pizza has pepperoni and basil leaves and looks a bit crispy.

Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill, Blue Mountain

As the weather turns cold, Collingwood becomes a haven for skiers and others seeking the great outdoors. After a blustery hike or downhill ski session with the family, O&B Blue Mountain’s fire-roasted pizzas are the perfect antidote to shake off the chill. Crafted with care in a traditional Wood Stone hearth, these fire-roasted pies come in flavours ranging from classic Marghi (with basil and San Marzano tomatoes) to Green (with basil pesto, zucchini, broccoli and lemon ricotta), if you’re trying to fit your veggies in. There’s something for even the most finicky diners to share and enjoy.