Patio Reservations in Toronto

We’re now accepting reservations at our patios across the city.

Maison Selby patio table with cocktails and lunch dishes

We’re excited to share that our patios in Toronto are now accepting reservations! We’ve rounded up our patios that are open across the city — from Auberge du Pommier in North York, to O&B Yonge & Front in the heart of downtown.

Find a patio near you, book a reservation, and celebrate the most anticipated start to patio season with good food and good drinks.

Patio Reservations in Toronto

Our covered patios will be open rain ☔ or shine ☀️, so long as you want to sit on them! Please note that while we will do everything to ensure that you are dry and comfortable, our patio coverings may not be perfect in inclement weather conditions, and even covered patios may not stand up to very heavy rains.

Takeout & Delivery

Prefer to enjoy your favourite restaurant dishes from the comfort of your home? Browse our full list of restaurants that are open for takeout and delivery in Toronto!