Dillon’s X O&B: Collaboration Spirits

Sharing our passion for local, quality ingredients, we’re excited to partner with Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers to bring you a new range of outstanding spiritsWhether you’re a cocktail enthusiast or simply appreciate a good mixed drink, our creative collection of Dillon’s spirits deserve a place on your bar cart.

Located in the heart of Niagara wine country, Dillon’s is known for producing spirits made with quality fruit, grains and herbs that reflect the region’s lush terroir. Dillon’s ethos has always been to use local ingredients as much as possible. Instead of eliminating flavours from the alcohol to get a purer taste, Dillon’s is all about keeping natural flavours in and adding hints of others. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your gin-loving pal, or looking to spruce up your liquor collection this winter, there’s something for every taste in this collection. 

Maison Selby Spirits


Maison Selby cucumber gin

Maison Selby Cucumber Gin (750ml) — 55.

Made using fresh Niagara cucumbers and Dillon’s grain-to-glass rye-based dry gin, this crisp, clean gin is a local take on a European classic.

Maison Selby elderflower liqueur

Maison Selby Elderflower Liqueur (750ml) — 55.

Experience a punch of fresh elderflower up front, followed by delicate, mellow citrus notes.

Maison Selby pineapple honey gin

Maison Selby Pineapple Honey Gin (750ml) — 55.

A perfect balance between refreshing pineapple and luscious sweetness, this gin has tropical fruit and citrus flavours with just a hint of juniper.

Canoe Spirits


Canoe dill pickle vodka

Canoe Dill Pickle Vodka (750ml) — 55.

Steeped in dill pickles, garlic and hot peppers from Dillon’s distillery garden, the resulting spirit lends itself perfectly to a true Canadian Caesar, as well as other inventive tipples.